Many activist talk about building unity and being unified as if it’s some effortless achievement. Unity is oneness! Thus unifying people means making them one. Turning several individuals into one group! To truly understand unifying humans we must consider what it means to be human in the first place. Let’s begin by thinking about the fact that Human Beings have a very complex brain and accompanying sensory system. To simplify I’ll say the 2 important parts are Mammalian brain (Limbic system) is our WE brain the Human brain (cerebral cortex) is our ME brain. Many wondering why they can’t produce a unity with others haven’t worked to developed an internal unity within themselves. What I mean is how well do you balanced your selflessness with selfishness! Your ego naturally wants recognition. So many radicals claim to be fighting for “The People” but truly what they’re fighting for is the admiration, praise, and celebration from the people. And that’s okay in moderation because humans need to be validated and appreciated. But what about when it becomes vanity and vainglorious? This notion of revolutionary change begins within. One must constantly struggle with self to maintain a balance between the WE & ME Self. The same is true with building a unity among individuals. Unity is a process! It is a means not an end! There’s never a time we’re simply “united” because there’s always changes in the material and immaterial worlds that lead to disruptions. Thus we struggle to maintain a oneness throughout those constant disruptions and reactions. I’ve been in the VADOC for 23 yrs. I’ve visited 10 prisons and been involves in countless actions. I’ve struggled for unity with guys in isolated efforts and I’ve worked to build organization. There’s been instances where I’ve met some objectives, accomplished some goals, fell just short, and failed miserably! The lessons however have been invaluable. One thing I’ve learned is that most male prisoners in this era have a hard time submitting to another prisoners leadership. And one reason is because many of those identified as leaders are actually “mis-leaders.” With such a large mis-leadership class it’s difficult to trust enough to follow someone’s direction. Here’s the thing though the change we want is impossible without collective actions by prisoners. We can’t expect to be saved, And collective action must be built on some type of unity. Therefore we have to begin to struggle for unity in action. This means organizing your ideas and then promoting to, and persuading others to support you in carrying out your ideas. This means being willing to debate and argue with “nay sayers!” This means accepting constructive criticism! This means humbling yourself and recognizing when someone else is better suited to lead! This means challenging unprincipled action. This means checking your homeboy when his ass wrong too! And this means standing up against the oppressive forces!! To obtain unity- whether operational or organizational- takes struggle. We have to struggle individually and collectively. Once we’ve finally struggled to build a unity within ourselves and within our groups, we then have to take that unity an go out and struggle against the opposition! So to sum it up we all know unity is important but the question is are we willing struggle to build it?