White male kapitalist patriarchy has always moved to place the white female on a pedestal as pure, the epitome of beauty and virtue. This is the projection to others, while he himself has continued and throughout history has kept his foot on her neck and often in her ass while maintaining patriarchal control. Yet she has been allowed to partner and act in complicity with her counterpart to carry out racist genocide and brutality against other peoples in order to maintain this privilege, in order to reinforce the myths, lies, and stereotypes of eurocentric superiority. 

Whit supremacy in the form of white male violence has always communicated through either violence or the threat of such, that the white female belongs to them, is the white male’s property and possession. This knowledge and part has been internalized by most white women and weaponized.

Weaponized, knowingly, and intentionally used to manipulate, to lie and to commit murder. 

This disease and virus permeates every aspect of amerikan society and its institutions, specifically its prison and security forces. 

All throughout the course of history, black bodies have been lynched, brutalized, and murdered on a lie from the lips of a white woman who claimed falsely that she was violated or disrespected in one form or another. This history and experience has taught most white women that they have a power, a superpower if you will, that can bring the wrath of the racist state down on your balck head. 

Such power must be intoxicating. To know that a whisper, an utterance, a scream, a 911 call, a lie, can bring about a hail of bullets in a black chest, a rope around a black neck, and knee pressed against a black throat, or a beatdown of a handcuffed prisoner. The pleasure has to be orgasmic in a sick, psychotic sort of way.

#Karen at KMCC

I recently had my own personal experience and version of the white woman in the park calling 911 saying she was being attacked by a black man, send the kops.

Recently I went to medical to see nurse practitioner Ball in an attempt to get screened or tested for Covid-19. I was escorted to an exam room where there isn’t a camera. In the recent past I have filed grievances or complaints against NP Ball related to either denial of medical treatment or incompetence. Upon her entering the exam room with no mask on, she was hostile, confrontational, and argumentative. With rapid fire cross examination questions and before I could completely answer the first, she would either fire another or get pissed at my response and just give me a hateful stare. Completely unprofessional.

The entire time, I’m responding respectfully and intelligently, which only seemed to infuriate her more, until she blurted out, “Why haven’t you written to Richmond about getting tested?” Richmond is where VDOC central office is located and where I appealed my complaint against her.

I stated, “Dr. Ball, you’re being real antagonistic and aggressive right now.” She stopped, stared, and demanded I follow her, which I did (now on camera). I was escorted to the gate, where she told ℅ Yates she would not continue to see me unless he was present. He immediately snatched ahold of me by my shirt and arm and bagan to manhandle me. I’m handcuffed to my waist through a belly chain and therefore not a threat. 

NP Ball’s response to the question of what did I do was “running that trap,” “he was running his mouth.” All the while this guard is still snatching on me. I tell him, “I want to leave, I’m done.” NP Ball screams, with her face all twisted, “If you want to leave, you refused treatment.” I respond, “I ain’t refused nothing.” She is still telling ℅ Yates that she will see me while in his presence, while he is snatching on these cuffs, etc, “because you don’t talk to or treat a female like that, huh?” I say, “were you in the room?” and “you ain’t medical so you can’t deny me treatment.” He says, “I’m security, and I asked her, not you.” All the while, white rage is painted all over his face. 

Throughout this entire time, I have remained calm, haven’t cursed or gotten loud. ℅ Yates then tells me to cuff back up, saying he is locking me up in the hole. I ask why. He says, “for running that mouth.” Translation: for not being docile, nigger. For not bowing head and being submissive, nigger. 

I said, “dude you’re the one cursing and disrespecting me, I’m a grown ass man. Give me the same respect I give you.” And this is where white girl magic happened. An older nurse, Nurse Rose (?), standing around with several other nurses, said in a loud voice, “I just heard you threaten him!” She asked a second nurse, Nurse Eross, “didn’t you just hear him say he was gonna knock his head off when he comes out of those cuffs?!”

Several chimed in, all smiling, united in conspiracy, in white supremacist matrimony, all nodding their heads. I snap, and say, “this is why the country is all fucked up right now, because of people like you.” I start mocking, saying, “you call the kops, saying you’ve just been threatened by a black man,” mimicking the woman in the park. Their response, “what’s all this racial stuff??!!” 

Bitch, really??!! Excuse my language, but seriously.

Here comes the calvary as  I sit and listen and watch NP Ball’s face pressed against the bars screaming all kinds of nonsense while on camera, saying what she’s going to put in my file. I simply state, I’m going to expose you and what you all are doing, and I’m going to blast it online. The calvary arrives in the form of neo-fascist guards Waldron, McBride, and some other ℅ who didn’t get involved.

℅ waldron, who has a reputation for being a racist asshole and Aryan Brotherhood sympathizer, immediately starts in with the threats after asking what did I do as they switch out cuffs, cuffing me behind my back and placing me in leg shackles. ℅ Waldron says, ‘They should have locked yo ass up for throwing shit around Mullin’s office” (a white female psychologist that I wrote up. Officer incident never happened, but she probably used white girl magic and said it did, even tho a witness was present). 

“You gone learn where you’re at [code for nigger we will kill you up here in these mountains]. And you’re gonna learn how to talk to these female [white women]. Ain’t no first amendment here. Keep looking at me, I’m going to slam you on your face.” I respond to Waldron, “yea that’s what cowards do when you’re handcuffed behind your back. If i beat your ass you ain’t gonna do nothing but play the victim and press outside charges.” I then told dude to quit talking to me. Waldron continued on, “I would take a charge for whipping your ass.” All of this is on camera while I sit calmly waiting for count to clear while cuffed and shackled. 

As I’m now being escorted to the hole both he and McBride continue to make threats about beating me once I get to the hole, stopping on the way and screaming in my face, “boy you must not know where you’re at!” McBride screaming, when you talk to me say “yes, sir; no, sir,” both trying to intimidate and provoke. I never take the bait. Again this is on video, as the sidewalk traffic is recorded. No audio, but you can tell by the body language. 

Once I get to the hole where several other guards are and they ask what I’m being locked up for, Waldron says, “he don’t know how to talk to females,” or something like that, and the response is, “ok we got something for that. Put him in cell 21.” 21 is a cell all the way in the corner and the last cell. Also a cell where the outside gun tower can see directly into. I’m now surrounded by about five white guards who order me “get on your knees,” in a loud voice, taking pride in that shit. I do so, taking my time so they can remove the shackles. Waldron acts like the key won’t fit or work as he increases the pressure on the shackle against my leg, trying to make me scream out. I refuse to do so. 

Once the door closes I call Waldron out in front of all his little buddies. “You and me, one on one, in the cell off-camera. You whip my ass, I don’t say nothing.” He mutters something and walks away. I say out the side of the door, “yea coward, keep walking, while you talking all that racist shit.” He runs back to the side of my door and screams “nigger you would be licking my balls one on one,” and storms off. Again, this is all on video.

Hours later, when I received my property (without my bedding), some of my photos had been ripped in half, especially a picture of my wife in a black hoodie with the words “I can’t breathe” on it. Someone had taken my tablet/JPS player, less than three months old and taken a sharpened object and pounded the screen causing a cluster of gouges and crisscross scratches all over it. They tried to shatter/crack the screen. 

All my law books except one either disappeared or supposedly sent to storage. Many newly purchased food items and other recently purchased items has disappeared. I want to know everything that has been destroyed or disappeared until i’m released from the hole. They probably busted my flat-screen  tv as well. I could see the guards literally kicking my property around upstairs on the floor, so it’s no telling what’s destroyed. In the mean time I’m receiving the nigger we hate you treatment. 

It’s 11:30pm on 6/12 and I was just given my charges. I’m charged with “Disobeying an order.” And given penalty offer of plead guilty and pay a fine of $5.00. I refuse. I ask for a full hearing. I cannot validate this lie and racist bs. (no threatening charge tho)

The report reads, ‘On June 11, 2020 at 1:10pm offender S. Shakur started yelling and became argumentative with Nurse Practicioner D. Ball. ℅ R. Yates instructed Shakur to calm down. Shakur refused and continued to yell at Nurse Practicioner ball and myself. Offender stated i’m not getting medical treatment because “i’m black,’ then stated, what are you going to do to me, George Floyd me?” Offender charged and escorted to RHU.” – This is a fabrication, is not supported by the video evidence or the initial entries made into my medical file. This is a CYA ticket and a move to neutralize me in the hole. And still no test or screening for the C-19 virus. 

This is why we chant We too! Because the same white racist shit, police state, neofascist shit y’all have to deal with out there on them streets and in the community, we are dealing with on these prison plantations, on these blocks. – I’m asking that the charges be dismissed, that i be returned back to gen. pop., my job returned and compensated for any damaged, destroyed, or missing property.

I’m also asking for an investigation into the racist comments, threats and unethical conduct by guards Waldron and McBride. As part of that investigation i’m asking that the video footage from the medical sally port just before you enter the nurses’ area be preserved and the video footage of the walkway in front of b and c buildings to be preserved as evidence. Both on the day of June 11 2020, between the hours of 1:00 pm and 3;00 pm. You cam go on the vadoc .gov site and file a grievance with ombudsman dept and make these demands. You can also contact David Robinson, Chief of vadoc operations located in Richmond, Va at central office.